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2015-03-31 01:36:44 by ThinXIII


I've been working on an Android game for couple of months now. It's a really simple 'Infinite Runner' type game. It's completed and I've release it on Google Play. Since it's my first mobile game, I'd like you all to try it out and let me know what you guys think. Also I'd really appreciate if you could rate it.

Click on the image above or the link below for the 'Release Trailer' posted on Youtube.

Also here's the Google Play link if you want to try it out.




Thanks! :D


2011-04-15 14:28:54 by ThinXIII

I thought I'd make a new post since someone might have missed the medals. Now they are approved and you can try to collect all 49 medals!

Share your thoughts on my new game "bloXplatter" :)


Paranormal Shark Activity

2010-12-28 12:23:23 by ThinXIII

So what did you think about my new game? Did it scared the crap out of you the first time? LOL

Paranormal Shark Activity

Photoshop and Flash

2009-06-07 03:09:17 by ThinXIII

Photoshop and Flash can be a great combination for animation.